Smatchimo the Trumpeteer (vcalzone) wrote in adultswimelite,
Smatchimo the Trumpeteer

So, now that Squidbillies has officially debuted.... thoughts?

I thought it seemed like it could be another Aqua Teen for them. Just full of the same kind of bizarre, broad and occasionally blue humor. Plus (and this is just a personal source of happy), like a lot of other jokes on [as], some of those jokes were just SO much funnier if you're from the Georgia area. But I think it was also deceptively beautiful. Your eyes are drawn more to the characters than the backgrounds, but the backgrounds looked gorgeous, and I think this was the most ambitious animation they've ever done.

Finally, despite what they say in the credits, those two voices are David Koechner and Charles Napier, right?

Also, did anyone have any opinion about 12 Oz Mo after awhile? I just can't believe they're going to make 6 of those. But I respect the hell out of the fact that they would.
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