kiddo with teeth. (pretty_hmachine) wrote in adultswimelite,
kiddo with teeth.

boondocks post!


folks, what did you think of the show?

was a certain word used too many times? not enough times?

the art style? gorgeous? or did you feel like you were watching sailor moon?

these are just starting points.
have at it.

also, feel free to comment about minoriteam.
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I was quite happy with both of those shows. I didn't like Boondocks as much the first time I saw it on Friday, but when I saw it again on Sunday, I liked it a lot more. The voices bug me a bit, most notably Riley's. Though voices sometimes tend to evolve over time, particularly among people who haven't done much voice work. Though Ed Asner and Charlie Murphy both seemed naturals at it. As for the artwork, I enjoyed it, particularly in the riot scene. Though there was one shot of someone's hands playing the piano that looked pretty off to me.

The satire seemed a little bit off in places, mostly when dealing with white people, but that's to be expected. Honestly, I think that's why Dave Chappelle always worked with Neal Brennan as his writing partner. I kinda think you can't really lampoon both white and black people accurately unless your name happens to end in Rock.

As for Minoriteam, I thought it was highly amusing and had the same kind of deadpan, "We're not stopping, so catch up!" humor as Arrested Development. When I saw it the second time, I caught a few jokes I didn't notice the first time through. Though part of me is just glad to see Arrested Development's influence beginning to show somewhere.

I thought Squidbillies was pretty good last night, too. Dunno if anyone ever gave it a second look-over, but I thought it to be amusing.

12 oz Mouse is getting better, but still isn't fun to watch.
And thanks for posting, there were a couple of threads about these shows on the adult_swim forum, but nobody had anything GOOD to say.
no problem, i was suprised you hadn't done it already, haha.
huey's voice was the most annoying to me, but i think that's a personal issue because i want him to be a grown life real man so i can marry him.

in my opinion, colored by my own personal experiences, the satire was dead on.
i've actually never liked any of mr. rock's work. as a side note.

minoriteam, while i wouldn't give it the same endorsement you have - at the very least it's no 12 oz mouse. but the animation style made my head hurt.

*sigh* @ squidbillies & 12 oz mouse.

Deleted comment

it was good stuff.
definatly good stuff