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adultswimelite's Journal

Adult Swim Elite
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This community is designed for individuals tired of the repetitive nature of other such adult swim related communities - endless poorly recited quotes, survey results, 'tom goes to the mayor suckszxadg' and 'i made icons!!!'.

Yes, this a closed gate community. But you will be accepted into it if you appear to be competent. If you're not, oh well. It's closed gate for your protection. You don't want someone spewing survey results to ruin the fun, now do you?

1. No porn. We all love it, but someone might get 'offended'.
2. No racism. Unless it's against the Irish. Fuck them.
3. No homophobia. According to the latest research, homosexuals are in fact people too.
4. No survey results.
5. No recited quotes if that's the only part of the entry. Reciting a quote and saying why you liked it or commenting on the show the quote originated from makes it acceptable.
6. No spam. Not even pyramid schemes.
7. Don't be a douchebag. Unless your douchebaggery is entertaining.
8. No flaming other users, unless the users are douchebags. Then everyone can join in.

Overall, don't be an idiot and you should be fine. Without idiotic behavior, stimulating conversation is to be had!

Maintainers: pretty_hmachine, immortus